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The Mother Bear Project

Mother Bear Project

For a few months in high school, I was into knitting. I’m really cool like that.

I never advanced beyond making mediocre scarves, but had I stuck with it, I would have loved to get involved with this organization called Mother Bear. People in the US knit or crochet teddy bears that are then sent to kids in areas heavily affected by HIV/AIDS. It’s a simple, sincere little project.

Last week we received a shipment of 200 bears to distribute at school. The teachers helped hand them out and control the chaos that is Grades R – 2, and I snapped pictures so that the Mother Bear knitters can see the fruits of their efforts.

The kids have very few personal possessions, and were really excited. Every bear was unique, and each has a tag with the name of the person who knit or sponsored it. In a “Richard Parker” type mix-up, most of the kids think this is the name of the bear.

So now a lot of kids are coming up to me saying thing like, “My doll’s name is Carlos!”

Carlos the knitter: whoever and wherever you are, hats off to you and the rest of the Mother Bear volunteers.


  1. Kim says

    As a Mother Bear knitter, I thank you for all you do for these kids! And for sharing these stories and photos with us.

    • Hi Kim! It’s me who should be thanking you Mother Bear knitters for your hard work. You should be proud of what you’re doing – many of these kids have really tough/unstable home lives, and the bears are the first/only personal possession they’ve received. :) Thanks for the comment!

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